Motorola Quantar

Motorola QUANTAR Base Station/Repeater


Reliable Data Base Station/Repeater

  • Delivers Superb Reliability & Serviceability
  • Offers Up to 16 Channels
  • Features Data Error Correction
The Motorola QUANTAR has a modular design, with the flexibility, adaptability and feature set that mission critical communications demands. The software design allows for system migration and feature upgrades via FLASHport™ and the compact design allows users to optimize space usage which ultimately help reduce costs.

The Main Features of Motorola Quantar Base Station/Repeater

Delivering clear and continuous high-quality communications and having top quality RF parameters, QUANTAR is the mission critical radio choice, combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional reliability. The use of full duplex operation helps to optimize the data throughput, while the optional RSSI, allows for the network controller to choose the optimum transmitter to communicate to a specific terminal and determine which transmitters may be used simultaneously without harmful interference.
Frequency Ranges:

  • VHF: 132–174MHz
  • UHF: 403–433MHz


  • 800MHz: 806–825/851–870MHz
  • 900MHz: 896–901/935–940MHz

Features Include:

  • Up to 16 Channels, Digital/Analog Operation
  • P25 Compliant Interoperability
  • Field Upgradeable via FLASHport™Technology
  • Power Levels:
  • 6–25 Watt / 25–125 Watt (VHF)
  • 6–25 Watt / 25–110 Watt (UHF)
  • 6–20 Watt / 20–100 Watt (800MHz)
  • 25–100 Watt (900MHz)
  • IntelliRepeater Operation (in trunking)
  • Continuous Duty Cycle Operation
  • Battery Revert Operation (optional)
  • Self-testing and Alarm Reporting
  • 2/4/8 Wire Wire-line Audio Interface
  • Wildcard Commands
  • Hot-standby Operation (optional)
QUANTAR can support multiple analog and digital communication protocols, including SMARTNET®, SmartZone™ and ASTRO 25 systems.
Motorola’s QUANTAR Base Station is ideal for Government/Public Safety and Industrial markets. Motorola—providing the vital connection between landline and radio communication environments through innovative products and solutions brought to you through AIR.
Basic Service Manual (Download)
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